Heli-portable Diamond Core Exploration Drilling

Our Heliportable rigs can be broken down into seven lifts making them very maneuverable in the most remote areas . These rigs are on light weight skids so they can also be dragged around if required capable of drilling up to 450 meters of NQ or 300 meters of HQ


Schramm T660 RC Rig

Mounted on a 6X6 Truck this Air and Mud rotary RC rig capable of drilling holes to depths of 500 meters pending type of drilling and Diameter. This rig comes with a 980 CFM 350 PSI compressor and 5x8 GD mud pump as part of its auxiliary equipment

This rig is not only set up for RC and Mud rotary but also is capable of Cluster Hammer and Auger drilling to 750mm diameter. The mast extends 3 meters from the platform and dumps 2,8 meters with the added benefit of Oscillating if required.


Water Bore and Geo-technical Rig

Water bore rig mounted on 6x6 truck for short holes to 70 meters and 8 inch diameter


Pole Truck  web page photo 10.

Power Pole and Electrification

Power Pole installation / Cherry Picker / Crane Truck
Extendable boom to 9 meters with a lifting capability of 6,900 kg
Selection of rotary Augers from 300 mm to 600 mm with a drilling capacity up to 18 meters
Cherry Picker attachment available for working at heights
This unit is Ideal for installation of power poles , house stumps , bridge footings and large fencing projects.

Water Bores & Irrigation

Classic only offer Quality products on installation
• Bore Casings
• Stainless Bore Screens
• Polly Pipes & Fittings
• Hand Pumps / Gravity feed Pumps
• Submersible Electric and Solar Pumps
• Water Tanks

Water Bore flushing

wind turbine

Supply Wind Turbine

We supply wind turbine with power range from 300w to 50kw. You can choose either wind solar hybrid solution or pure solar panel system, also available for street lighting.

Supply Bailey Bridges / Steel Panel Bridges

We supply all configurations of Bailey Bridges / Steel Panel Bridges short and long span,  single and double lanes with load ratings of 33, 44 and 66-ton capacity made to order and direct from the manufacturer.



Bridge Supply

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